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About Us

We are a small batch beef jerky company. This means that we do not process the next batch until we are at 50% inventory. This may mean that we run short on a flavor, but ensures that you always have the freshest jerky we can provide. We use organic spices if available.

All of our jerky flavors are ground and formed. This allows a better spice flavor in every bite!

We use every different cuts in our jerky. No cuts are removed ever! This means that expensive and desirable cuts such as Filet Mignon, Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Sirloin and others are all part of our jerky!

We do not use ANY preservatives other than Himalayan Pink Salt.

We raise our own beef to ensure that your jerky has no antibiotics or growth hormones. We do, at times, source from a couple other farms that hold our high standards. Our beef are primarily grass raised, but do get either Non-GMO or Organic grains during winter season or during weaning.

We also have a non-antibiotic mineral program.

We do all of these measures to keep our cattle healthy year around, however; we will use antibiotics if our vet deems it necessary, but that beef is then removed from our jerky production.

We do all of these measures to ensure you, the customer, gets the best tasting and healthiest beef jerky that we can provide.

Our beef jerky is processed in a USDA inspected facility located in Missouri. Our processor offers over 50 years of further processing experience with products such as our ground and form jerky. They focus on producing a consistent, quality product every batch they make.

Our family has served this great country in every branch or service. I personally served in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army.

Our farm is located just outside of Mountain Grove Missouri right in the Heart of the Ozarks.